…well crud.


…Found out the day before xmas I didn’t win the Eazy-E contest. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed but I do understand the logic behind the decision. Xmas cards with people threatening to shoot the recipient is probably not the message you want. Especially in the wake of all the shootings that happened in the last few months. I did struggle a bit on the decision to omit the gun but I went for it anyway. But hey, I did win the Beach Boys contest for a sweet turntable and $250 bones and my old 2015 Jazzfest poster design was chosen for the 2016 concert. That’s a good end to a stressful year no matter how you look at it….


Missed it by..that much.

I’ve been working on submissions for the creative allies christmas card contests. This one was for the Sinatra card. I spent 4 whole days pouring over details and I ended up missing the deadline by mere seconds. Crud…live and learn.